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Why do I have hangovers every day?


    The following is a summary of Why do I have hangovers every day?

    If you notice you are experiencing frequent hangovers, it could indicate that you’re suffering from alcohol dependence disorder. This could affect your relationships with others, work, and finances, decreasing your overall happiness.

    Why Do I Have Hangovers Every Day

    If you find yourself experiencing hangovers on a regular basis. It may be a sign that you are dealing with alcohol dependence disorder. This issue can have negative impacts on your relationships, work, and financial situation ultimately affecting your overall happiness. According to the DSM 5.

    There are several common symptoms of alcoholism. Such as consuming more alcohol than intended or continuously seeking out the need for it. For many individuals alcohol becomes a way to cope with mental health issues like anxiety, depression, or past trauma. It is readily available and often accepted in social situations. Making it an easy escape from confronting these stressors. However. Without professional intervention. This behavior pattern can worsen and lead to a reliance on alcohol.


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