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Why are people afraid of drinking gin?


    In this post, we go over why are people afraid of drinking gin.

    Why Are People Afraid of Drinking Gin

    1. The Strong Aroma

    Gin is a beverage that is known for its powerful scent and flavor. Many people take a sniff of gin and immediately detect the alcohol. However, it may be a shock to the nose due to the strong aroma and is usually more than not an intense dose of Juniper (which most people do not like… is an acquired scent and flavor).

    2. The Bitter Taste

    The other significant aspect is the flavor of the gin. Most people are struck by this strong taste that remains on their tongues after consuming it. Some claim it’s not bitter enough. Others say it has a peculiar flavor, but this is typically the case if they drink an old-fashioned, dry gin with an intense juniper scent.

    But, most times, our customers do not like the bitter “quinine” flavor of the tonic mix with gin, not the gin itself.

    If someone drinks an alcoholic gin with a flavor based on their taste and palette preferences, they may declare it too sweet for their taste.

    One thing to remember is that gin is not often consumed neat (on its own) in the same way as you might call it Whisky. Or even vodka. Gin flavored or dry are drunk by themselves; they may possess a pungent taste. That’s why ‘Gin AND Tonic’ is a trendy drink. An excellent, fresh premium tonic water that helps to bring out the flavors of gin and neutralizes the often overwhelming flavor of juniper and alcohol.

    Like all types of alcohol, Gin is undoubtedly a taste that may be a bit off for drinkers who are not experienced. But after a time, some people find that their palates can adapt to the refined flavors of this liquor.


    3. High Alcohol Content

    The main reason people refuse to drink gin is not only due to its smell, taste, or brand. It is in connection with the alcohol content of its drink. Gin is among the most popular alcohol drinks, which can cause you to get drunk fast.

    It has a significant amount of alcohol in it (usually at or near 40 percent ABV and sometimes as high as 60%, often dubbed “Navy Strength), which is why it ranks as one of the top contenders to induce drunkenness in a concise amount of time. The effects of gin are dependent on the amount of alcohol in it. The greater the alcohol content in this drink, the more influential the impact it’ll provide.

    Additionally, drinking aerated drinks or carbonated drinks like gin and tonic or champagne can cause you to drink more quickly since alcohol is absorbed into your bloodstream faster.

    There is a variety of gins available with an alcohol content that ranges from 20 percent ABV (this will be referred to as”liqueur” in the gin industry) to up to about 60 percent ABV (‘Navy Strength’).

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