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What is Mixology? Mixologist vs Bartender


    In this post, we go over (1) what is mixology, (2) mixology vs bartending, and (3) being a mixologist.

    What is Mixology?

    Mixology can be described as the art and science of creating, preparing, mixing, and serving drinks, also known as cocktails, the deep study of the art of mixing beverages. In the dictionary of Marriam Webster, which is from 1948, mixology is described as the art of mixing drinks. The term mixology goes back to the 19  century. The past could have the image of drinking liquor and beer shots, so cocktails could be classified as feminine drinks. It was pretty much in the so-called “dark cocktail times.” 

    However, due to the bartenders that were interested in mixing techniques, they managed to keep the art alive. Consumers began seeking higher-quality products with the growing population and the rising globalization trend. The customer was now looking for exclusive experiences. Bars were not one of them. The public wanted to try different things on the menu that were different from the traditional drinks. So, taking the classic cocktails and recipes, new ones were developed and variations on the original versions.

    Then, you may ask that a mixologist isn’t an alternative name for bartenders. It’s not. Each title needs the same but different level of expertise. Bartenders can make you a drink that could or may not be distinct from the ones you’ve experienced before and use their fundamental knowledge of drinks and sources to prepare the perfect drink for you. Mixologists use their drinks to create an unforgettable experience for their customers and to tell a tale. Mixologists create innovative cocktails using unique ingredients, whether home-created or predominantly local, and create unique drink flavors. 

    Mixologists are bartenders all the time. However, it’s not always all the same. It references the famous quote, “Every cook isn’t an expert chef, but every chef is an excellent cook.” Mixology is similar to fine dining or molecular cooking. Mixologists make use of fresh ingredients to make unique and delicious flavors. For example, they make all syrups bitter, which the bartender could later utilize in the bar service.

    Molecular mixology is the art of making cocktails using devices and methods of molecular food science. The equipment utilized ranges from simple items like blowtorches, bar spoons, and shakers to more sophisticated items like a vacuum sealer and an atomizer. These methods allow for higher levels of flavor flavors and various ways to present drinks. Gels, foams, powders, and atomized sprays are utilized to create different flavors and enhance the look of drinks.

    Mixology has influenced how individuals drink at bars. And set a new standard for drinking that was never seen before. Mixology bars aren’t always serving the most expensive and sophisticated drinks. However, they can also serve the standard Whiskey and Cola with higher quality Whiskey. Pio Gastro Bar and Bistro is the only bar that serves mixology in Antalya. The menu of cocktails at Pio was created exclusively to be served at the bar by the mixologist. 

    As a result, there is a menu of signature cocktails, which can’t be found anywhere else in the city. Fresh ingredients such as oranges, watermelon, lemon, and lime, sourced from Tuvana’s gardens homemade syrups, freshly dried fruit (pineapple oranges, grapefruit, limes, peach, pear) that are used to decorate drinks, fresh rosemary which grows in the Seraser’s gardens. When all the ingredients are put in a jumble, Pio makes the setting and flavors that will satisfy your needs and let your heart sink into the deepest pleasures.

    Is molecular mixology a concept?

    The expression “molecular mixology” is a different approach to making cocktails using food science concepts, like molecular gastronomy.

    It’s a reasonably new method of mixing that involves looking at things such as the physical qualities of the ingredients, the ice, and the glass used, and the primary focus on understanding the flavors involved.

    Molecule mixology employs various materials, such as foams, powders, liquids, and atomized sprays.

    Although they might not have been described as an example previously, layered cocktails are examples of molecular mixing, employing ingredients of different viscosities and densities to create the appearance.


    What is the difference between a mixologist and a bartender?

    Mixologists tend to be more proficient in their work and are capable of making a more fantastic selection of drinks. They also are more aware of what’s happening behind the background, including how different spirits taste or how flavors can alter when certain ingredients are used.

    Bartenders typically possess more information because they’re more likely to serve wine, beers, and cocktails. While mixologists might be able to create what appears to be an extravagant cocktail at home, compared to the drinks you’ll see in the liquor store in your neighborhood, the vast majority of people don’t require that expertise at home.

    Do you want to become a mixologist in your home?

    There are various ways to get involved in “mixology” without needing to open your establishment or become a bartender. One method is making drinks at home, whether for your use or in larger volumes, using large quantities of ingredients.

    Another method is creating “mixers” (such as juice) or an exclusive drink. It is also possible to get involved in the drink industry by hosting an open bar in your house, where you invite guests over for drinks with food. However, no bartenders will be there.

    Create a drink and a couple at home with you and a companion or partner. This way, you can see the process and determine if you’d like to explore certain technical aspects or stay with the basic drinks made of two or three ingredients.

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