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What Every Home Bar Should Have (Home Bar Supplies List)


    Here is a home bar supplies list for things that every home bar should have.

    Home Bar Supplies List (Overview)

    A bar of nine bottles should satisfy all your needs for cocktails providing you with the necessary ingredients for many recipes. This is the only liquor you’ll need, as well as mixer accessories, gadgets, garnishes, and glasses.


    • Bourbon
    • Cointreau is also known as triple sec (some people say Cointreau can be worth the price even when you mix it with)
    • Gin
    • Rum (light)
    • Scotch (blended)
    • Tequila (white)
    • Vermouth (dry)
    • Vermouth (sweet)
    • Vodka


    • Red
    • White


    • Light
    • Dark


    • Cola
    • Ginger ale
    • Club soda
    • Sparkling water
    • Tonic water
    • Cranberry juice
    • Orange juice
    • Angostura bitters


    • Green olives (pitted)
    • Lemons
    • Limes
    • Salt Kosher
    • Maraschino cherries


    • Long cocktail spoon
    • Paring knife
    • Peeler
    • Cutting board
    • Corkscrew
    • Bottle opener
    • Juice squeezer
    • Standard shakers: They should be made of metal, and the lid should be made with a strainer.
    • Jigger: Select one with 1 ounce of measure on one side and 1 1/2 ounces on the opposite. Most recipes require one and a half ounces of alcohol (a shot or a jigger shot). However, some recipes require 1 one ounce (a pony). If you don’t own a jigger, three tablespoons are about the same as 1.5 ounces.
    • Bartending handbook. (Ultimate Bartender’s Guide by Ray Foley, inventor of the Fuzzy Navel cocktail recipe!)
    • Napkins for cocktails
    • Cocktail toothpicks
    • Swizzle sticks


    • Martini glasses
    • Highball glasses
    • All-purpose wineglasses

    Here are some resources I recommend:

    120 Alcoholic Drinks for Connoisseurs shows you over one hundred unique alcoholic drinks to make and show off to your friends and have a night you won’t forget.

    Professional Bartender Kit is a must-have collection for anyone interested in bartending, mixology, or someone who loves to make drinks.

    RUBY Decanter w/ Built-in Aerator is easily the best on the market that we recommend.

    8oz Premium Flask for when you’re going out and don’t want to blow all your money on drinks.

    Stainless Steel Cooling Stones for keeping your drinks cold and classy.

    Bartending & Mixology Masterclass teaches you everything you need to know about mixing drinks and alcoholic beverages like a professional.