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What Drinking Games Can Couples Play?


    Let’s check out what drinking games can couples play.

    What Drinking Games Can Couples Play?

    There’s always a different person when they’re drinking, which is why drinking games are very well-known! If you’re looking to meet your partner more, take a look at playing some couples drinking games. If your partner is serious, they will have fun when drunk, which allows you to witness a more relaxed part of their personality. It is also possible to let go of your limitations and ask them anything you’d like to know. So get ready to have fun playing some unorthodox and unruly drinks games along with your companion. Check these out.

    1.     The Quiz Game

    “The Quiz Game is a classic couples game that can help you get to know your partner more. All you need is a couple of fun questions and some shot glasses! Here are some questions that can be used to begin:

    How did we meet?

    Which was my outfit when I met first? When was the first time we kissed?

    What time do we go on holiday?

    Your partner is required to shoot you for every incorrect answer. It’s the same for those who don’t know the correct answers.

    2.     Spin The Bottle

    Of course, this isn’t the typical spin-the-bottle! If you’re playing the game with a companion, you can play it with a twist! The concept of the game is the same. However, instead of having the bottle point towards the person in question, let it point at something else – like whipped cream, chocolate, or perhaps an article of particular clothing. When the bottle is pointed at any of these things, make sure you do something sensual and exciting with it to amuse your companion. You can play this game by taking turns. The person who does not succeed will have to shoot!

    3.     Drunken Artists

    Find out the number of shots needed to unleash the inside Picasso of your partner. The rules of this game are easy to Draw, and then have the other person guess what you’ve got in your mind. It’s simple, and it’s entertaining. It’s Pictionary with a glass of alcohol!

    You can draw with your fingers on your partner’s body or palm to make the game more exciting. Start by drawing any simple thing, like an earring, a heart, or a ring. You can also write the name of your partner or the initials. For each incorrect answer, pour some beverage into the glass of your

    companion. You may also set the time that one must get the answer correct – say 20 seconds. Keep pouring until you have the correct answer!

    4.     Russian Roulette

    Bring some spice to your night out by playing this classic Russian roulette game. If you’re lucky enough to have an assortment of shot glasses in your possession, make sure you fill two of them with gin or vodka and the other filled with water. Shuffle them as possible, and then split the glasses equally between you and your companion. Drink each one, in turn, to see who gets the most alcohol first and has to take part in a contest.

    You could suggest your companion dance to a hot track, drink two shots in succession, or sing you an intimate song. Then, in the second game, add more glasses of alcohol and make the evening unforgettable.

    5.     Two Truths And One Lie

    Two Truths and One Lie is an exciting drinking game for couples that involves divulging information about yourself to your partner. This game is perfect for those in a relationship for the first time since you’ll learn a lot about your partner, and the reverse is true.

    To participate in the game:

    1. Begin by telling three facts about yourself. Of these, two are truthful, while one is a lie.
    2. Ask your friends to determine what is real and what’s not.
    3. For every incorrect answer, give your friend drinks. For every right answer, drink yourself a shot.

    6.     Never Have I Ever

    The game Never Have I Ever is another game that can help you connect with your partner. Start by stating, “never have I ever kissed a girl/boy.” If you answered yes, the partner has to declare it by drinking one shot. If not, then no one drinks!

    These naughty drinking games will reveal your partner’s character and tell you what they want from their relationship.

    7.     The Question-Answer Game

    It is a Question-Answer Game that is suitable for couples who have made quite a way in their relationship. In the game, you begin by asking inquiries to the person you are playing with. The questions could be about anything, from personal to. You can dig into the deepest part of your mind; however, make sure your partner is at ease. You may ask questions, for example:

    When will we be moving in together? When will we be engaged?

    When can we get together with one another’s families?

    If you or your companion decide to not answer the question, you are required to shoot instead.

    8.     Jenga

    Who would have thought that Jenga is just for kids? It can be fascinating playing with your friends when you’re drinking. This sexually explicit version of Jenga is based on drawing blocks instead. You could have your partner perform something exciting or funky for each block you draw. Some of the chores you

    Could assign to your partner could be strip dancing or lap dancing and other dances. If your partner is not able or refuses to complete the dance, they’ll need to take a drink.

    9.     Snakes and Ladder

    Snakes and Ladder is a romantic drinking game for couples whose rules are similar to the usual

    game. However, this game involves lots of romance and the occasional glass of vodka. Follow the normal procedure, and you need to have a drink each time you get on the ladder. The twist is each time you descend the ladder since, this time, you’ll need to remove a piece of fabric from the body. Is there a better method to bring some spice to a romantic evening?

    10.  Flip, Sip, Or Strip

    This fun drink game that couples can play could be quite hot after each prediction your partner comes up with. Begin by throwing an object and asking your companion to guess which side it is. If your partner is incorrect once, they’ll need to guess again. If they are incorrectly the second time around, then they must take off the piece of cloth.

    11.  Straight Face

    Straight Face can be a bit challenging and requires a little amount of effort to master. However, it is fun and wild, without a doubt! To get ready to play this sport, you must make the bowl with funny and inappropriate jokes. Then, one of you must choose one of the chits and go through the text.

    The goal in the game is to ensure that your face is straight when reading. It is not allowed to show any emotion or even laugh. The first person to laugh is out and has to take a sip of water in the shot.

    12.  Find The Spot

    Make your dreams of kissing come true by playing this drinking game for couples known as Find The Spot. It’s easy and romantic. All you have to do is to keep trying to guess to be right! Start by asking your friend questions such as, ” Where do I like to get kissed the most?” Then, you give them three choices to choose from. For every correct answer, you’ll have to shoot one shot, and your partner will be required to take one shot for each incorrect answer.

    13.  Truth Or Dare

    Truth Or dare is a timeless classic game that can be played on any occasion, not just during an intimate and sexy naughty couple at a drinking party. The game’s rules are similar to traditional Truth Or Dare – but with a few twists. When your partner decides to tell the truth, inform them that they must answer the question truthfully. If they do not respond honestly, they’ll be required to drink an alcoholic drink. In the same way, for each challenge, if the person cannot complete the task, they’ll be required to shoot.

    14.  Most Likely To

    It is also a game of questioning game in which you have to ask questions such as:

    “Who is most likely to not take a shower for a week?” “Who is most likely to cheat?”

    “Who is most likely to hide something?”

    These games aren’t only fun and provide a wealth of information about your partner’s habits or preferences and lifestyle.

    For this game, prepare a list of questions in a bowl stuffed with chits. You should take one chit at a time and then listen to the question. Next, you and your partner must identify the person with the highest likelihood of committing a crime. You are also able to point at yourself. Finally, you must shoot each time you or your partner choose a different option.

    15.  You Laugh, You Lose

    You Lose, You Laugh is a fun couples drinking game that requires downloading lots of funny videos. The game is played following a couple of shots to boost the enjoyment. First, you can download one of the hilarious videos. Then, the person unable to keep their laughter in check is the one to take an opportunity. Play the game until you’re out of videos.

    Remember, however, that those downloading the videos are not required to view them before starting the game.

    16.  Charade

    Charade is an enjoyable game that can be played at any time, whether you are playing it with a drink or not. However, if you want to play the game with your friend, it is recommended to drink a glass of wine with the game. Get ready for the game ahead of time by keeping a few small chits that have phrases or words written on them. Put all the chits into an empty bowl and fold them correctly.

    To play the game, both of you take turns playing. The person who chooses to pick the chit must perform the word before their partner without saying a single word. If your partner gets the word you acted out incorrectly, they must try again.

    17.  Eye Contact

    The classic game doesn’t require any introduction! Eye contact is an easy game that anyone plays at any time. However, if you’ve got the idea of a romantic night in your thoughts, it should be more intimate and exciting by drinking a glass of Tequila. To play the game, gaze at each other without blinking. The first person to blink will get an opportunity to shoot.

    Everything becomes more interesting and enjoyable when you have a friend. This is the case with drinking games! They can bring you closer to your companion, let go of any inhibitions and allow you to get some enjoyment out of your dull daytime routine. Games like Russian roulette, drunken musicians, and straight face allow you to test your drinking capabilities while engaging in various fun activities. Of course, you must also put in much time and effort to prepare for your game night. Things as easy as snakes and ladders, Jenga, or spinning the bottle can be excellent games for a couple who are drunk.

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