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What are some remarkable hangover cures everyone knows?


    In this post, we go over what are some remarkable hangover cures everyone knows.

    What Are Some Remarkable Hangover Cures Everyone Knows

    Here are twenty hangover cures everyone knows.

    20. Doing more drinking

    When creating a list such as this, people tend to go through the list to see the final entry or something else at the top and move on to the next. It’s best to claim this list (as long as it’s true, obviously). 

    “The hair of the dog” isn’t a treatment for hangovers. It’s a hangover delayer. It can prolong the pain by keeping you on a low level of alcohol; naturally, this can help you feel better. (Remember why you were in this scenario initially?) 

    But if you have the time, power, money, and stomach lining just to keep drinking for the rest of your life, so you never get hungover (a method colloquially known as “the Keith Richards”) while also avoiding any other serious mental/physical/legal/emotional/personal issues… well, let’s be friends!

    19. Rub a lemon slice under your armpit

    A friend of mine, who has an interesting distinction as being Puerto Rican and half Dominican, recommended this to me as an old-fashioned Caribbean hangover remedy:

    Before drinking the drink, apply a lemon rub to the armpit of the “drinking arm”(the arm that you carry your drink with). 

    Although this technique didn’t work, it provided my right armpit with an effervescent citrus musk similar to Pledge as a deodorant, which did not smell unpleasant.

    18. Charcoal activated

    The science behind the use of activated charcoal for fighting morning aches and groans claims that charcoal can “suck” the wastes from your stomach, effectively taking in alcohol and providing your stomach with an opportunity to start fresh. The opposite didn’t occur.

    The only thing that charcoal “activated” was my debit card, an eight-minute chat of four minutes with “Erik” from GNC, and his sassy hangover tips pairing every drink with the Red Bull. However, it deserves credit for not making things worse compared to “Erik.”

    17. Coconut water

    Look at the first line in the entry below. Replace “pickle juice” with “carton of Satan’s urine sliced by 40-year-old hamster’s milk.”

    16. Juice from a pickle

    If there’s anything more unpleasant than pickle juice going down and back up, it’s the taste of pickle juice coming back up. That’s why I won’t be a complete believer in picking juice as an elite method.

    Still, I will claim that picklebacks (chasing shots, usually whiskey and pickle juice) can help you consume more alcohol in the present but also put you at risk of discovering what the pickle juice that comes back will taste like. There are many other methods to obtain electrolytes. We’ll look at them in the future.

    15. Coffee

    If I don’t have coffee in the morning, whether drunk or not, I don’t feel like I’m in a normal state. It naturally made me feel more relaxed. 

    The cup of coffee I’m drinking as my body is dripping after the night drinking Negronis (both standard and mezcal) traditional) could be making me dehydrated and irritating the hangover that is slumbering and then slaughters my internal organs. 

    Coffee has physical and mental negatives and questionable standing as a stand-alone cure and treatment, and it can’t go any higher.

    14. Alka-Seltzer

    The go-to of Don Draper and a remedy that old-timers gush about constantly. Alka-Seltzer is said to neutralize stomach acid that is churning within your stomach. Yes, it was a bit. 

    Now we’re shifting into “cures” that aid. However, the issue here is that the Alka-Seltzer can only eliminate one aspect of the hangover. It does not take care of the fatigue, headaches, or prickling, numbing sensation of nebulous guilt. However, the zinging sound is pleasing.

    13. OTC Pills and Powders

    The over-the-counter hangover pills, patches, powders, and powders are frequently met with suspicion, suspicion, a tendency toward fake science at best and drugstore sleaze at the worst. 

    Companies such as Cheers, Liquid IV, and Blowfish aren’t real breakthroughs. However, they are packed with electrolytes and vitamins created to help you stay better hydrated than Supersoaker. They’re like supercharged doses of Pedialyte that are similar to supercharged Gatorade. These could aid in hydration issues such as headaches and fatigue. 

    However, their primary and efficient benefits are the placebo effect that one is sure to have for some individuals (about one-third of the population, according to research). If I were to rank one of them as number one, instead of trying to do it straight, I could have provided you with a genuine hangover cure, but I’m not being sincere. Although it wouldn’t be technically a hangover remedy, it’s just for the wrong reasons. It’s a good thing that this is logical.

    12. Pedialyte or Gatorade

    For people who don’t have children or drinking problems, Pedialyte is like supercharged Gatorade for infants. It’s packed with electrolytes, and over the years, it has gained a reputation as an excellent hangover treatment to the satisfaction of the company’s marketing department. It increased my energy; I feel like an eight-year-old with an abdominal ache. 

    Regarding taste, I like Gatorade, the sporty Pedialyte’s older cousin. However, they’re not that alike in their effects to warrant separate mentions.

    11. Advil

    Like Gatorade, Advil is a pretty common thing to drink when drunk. However, it cannot complete the job by itself with sugar-coated willpower. It can ease the feeling of “did I happen to be struck by an Amtrak train in the nighttime in any way?” feeling, but it will not be able to save you. Sorry.

    10. Coca-Cola

    Fizzy, sweet, and stomach-settling, The triple-fisting trio consisting of water, Coke, and Gatorade has helped me get through many a difficult morning, as long as my body’s capacity to absorb fluids, and that’s never an assurance. Coca-Cola, in my opinion, is one of the most effective of the three.


    9. Puking

    Speaking of puking (a phrase you seldom want to hear), upchucking will help assuage many of your symptoms–particularly nausea. The power of puking cannot be overstated. But it is a bit of a pain to have what’s in your stomach spill out from your mouth is horrible. 

    If you’re the type of person, who isn’t willing to take a shot or cut off the band-aid, it could be the option. If you’d rather keep your bile inside, like it was designed, you should look elsewhere.

    8. Pho/ramen/chicken Noodle/other soups

    While not necessarily the best medicine, food is the most effective medicine (a friend of mine tried to treat appendicitis by eating Pop-Tarts); however, hot soup following a tough night out is sure to soften the pain. 

    “Soup” is a comprehensive concept, but if you’d like me to be (very specific, exceptionally) specific, it’s the Kimchi Soba Noodles from Cocoron located in lower Manhattan (located in a perfect location near the offices of Thrillist) is unbeatable in this way and is usually one of my most favorite food items to consume. 

    However, the issue is that you must take it in. Certain people are unable to consume food when they are drunk. The soups are usually spicy, and the best ones usually have ingredients that combine to create a variety of flavors. It’s not always the ideal choice when your stomach flails like a Maritime flag.

    7. Smoking weed

    Settles stomach
    A feeling of joy
    It eases headaches.
    It increases appetite

    It makes you feel high (also an expert in some cases, but not if you need to accomplish something)
    Possibly illegal, based on the quantity and where it is located
    It makes some people freak out. fist out

    6. Bacon sandwich, egg, and cheese sandwich

    Note: This is my catch-all phrase for “greasy food items” that, apart from the life-giving qualities in the article below, are likely to be the most popular hangover cures. 

    Are my brains pre-wired to react to the smooth mixture of bacon and eggs, which comes over 10 years of bodega run along with (stomach) muscles? 

    Does the bread absorb the alcohol swirling around my stomach? 

    Do the layers of cheddar stimulate endorphins in my spinal cord, filling the body and mind with an uppers-like feeling of confidence and positivity? 

    I’m not quite sure. If you’re healthy enough to gobble some of them, there’s no harm. SPK Of course.

    5. A shit-ton of water

    Although it may appear to be the easiest solution to dehydration, it is an intricate balance. Too much water could cause more issues. I’ve been burned (and by this, I’m referring to being evacuated) several times on occasion due to drinking excessive amounts of water the moment I awake. 

    Do it if you’re determined to take it slow but steady (perhaps not a must because you’re in this post). The more practical option is to be sure you drink many fluids the night before drinking.

    4. McVities digestive biscuits

    In various ways, I believe this to be my go-to hangover weapon. McVities are the traditional British digestive biscuit that is entirely non-smoking and easy to swallow.

    When you smash a whole sheet before bedtime, they’ll make sure you don’t wake up with the floppy, flippy hellscape of nausea induced by alcohol. Those who aren’t keen on eating after a night of drinking are more fundamental than saltines. 

    For people who love anglo-American food, they go well with tea. For degenerate people who want me to explain the meaning behind this, they’re light-flavored crackers that aid digestion. Additionally, they created this commercial. This is enough reason to purchase the pack.

    3. IV drip

    I’ve got it on good evidence that over-partying surgeons and doctors have been tying themselves to IVs every morning for decades, and with good reason. This certainly gives you a boost. If you don’t hold an academic degree, outfits such as New York’s IV Doc will visit your home or office with a nurse in attendance. They’ll then pour the right mix of vitamins, salinity nausea medications, and other things directly into your veins. 

    It’s a… bizarre experience. It’s like drinking ice water throughout your body (not in an afghan, Ray Allen type of manner, but rather like you’re sipping the Slurpee), and it’s also expensive and complex. 

    However, suppose you’re urgently trying to get rid of a hangover because you’re preparing for large presentations or getting ready to be sworn in as a United States senator. In that case, this is the most efficient way to go about it. Except if you’re scared of needles. Or nurses. Or IV poles. It’s the wealthy people’s hangover cure. However, If you can afford it, you should spend it.

    2. Physical exercise

    I’m sure. I was too. After much hesitation, I decided to work out the moment I woke up from an alcohol-related hangover.

    I did it three times to be sure. I ran. I did a ton of push-ups. I also did a lot of sit-ups. Also, I ran another. It was, at first, just a glimpse of hell in the rapidly degrading lenses of my beer glasses. When I turned around (as I was turning around in actuality) and saw the alcohol gushing through my pores like an extremely hot, sweaty highway. 

    The exertion resulted in lots of water consumption, and I was well-hydrated and not getting sick. The fresh air helped to clear my head. Endorphins released from my body sent my brain a message: “Hey, don’t feel sorry about what transpired last night. Just be sure to talk with your doctor about your next STI screening, okay?”

    Treating your body as a temple counteracts the repercussions of treating your body like an amusement park. Who’d have thought it? Every medical professional, scientist, and anxious mother has existed since before the dawn. We ought to have been paying attention to the same message all along.

    1. H.E.A.L.(TM) Systems for Curing Hangovers

    If I’ve learned anything by trying all these treatments, the truth is that one single solution or treatment won’t suffice. Various options mix massive preparations throughout the night (or day, if degenerate!) that you’re drinking, as well as lots of willpower the next day. 

    I believe there’s an easy, four-step method to beat a hangover the way of the professional drinker, combining several previously mentioned methods. Be sure to remember: H.E.A.L.

    Hydrate the night extensively before–whether you’re alternating your alcohol and water while you’re not at home or sipping an ounce of water before going to sleep. This is the process’s first and possibly most crucial component.

    It is something before going to bed. As I mentioned at No. 4, McVities Digestive Biscuits are my go-to for me, but the choice is yours. Be sure to have something in your stomach that does not sound like Schmeichel.

    Aerobics right after you awake! Okay, this is the part that stings, but getting moving and sweating will be the best way you can eliminate the general discomfort of a hangover, both physical and metaphysical. Add a shower later, and you’ll start to feel the aches of your hangover drain through your veins. Note: If you can afford or arrange for the IV Doc visit, it’s an alternative. It’s a good idea to

    Live your life as if you’re not hungover. Mind over matters. Make it up until you can make it. If you sit around and let your hangover dictate your entire day, you’ll be unable to be able to overcome it. As someone who has had to go to work with a hangover many times (if you are following the article… that was quite some time ago), I am convinced that this is the only method to stop a hangover in its trial. Time indeed heals all injuries, including the hangover. So get out and be the best you can, youngsters.

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