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What are drinking games without cards?


    Are you wondering what are drinking games without cards you can play.

    What are drinking games without cards?

    Sometimes you want to play some drinking games, but there’s nothing to play. Of course, there are always games on your smartphone, but face-to-face interaction with someone is the best option when you’re in the bar.

    1.     Most likely

    The number of players: Four or more, as is the case with most drinking games with no playing cards… More you play, the better.

    Rules: One person asks the group members who they believe would be the most likely person to perform a task. For instance, “Who would be most likely to buy a plane ticket to a random locale?” or “Who would be most likely to be caught sneaking an illegal drink from a mini on a plane?” After a count of three, every group member indicates whom they believe most likely to take on that question. Then, any targeted person takes a drink regardless of how many fingers are pointed towards them (four drinks per finger, for instance).).

    2.     I’m taking the picnic

    The number of people who can use it: Three or more The more, the better.

    Guidelines: Pick someone, to begin with. The player begins the game by saying, “I’m going on a picnic, and I’m bringing a blanket” (blanket could refer to whatever is suitable for a picnic). The person next to them says, “I’m going on a picnic, and I’m bringing” their own personal addition to any other information mentioned before.

    Every person who follows continues to repeat the same statement until someone gets it wrong, and then that person drinks the opportunity to drink. In addition, if the entire group thinks that what the person claims to be taking isn’t appropriate for a picnic, then the person drinks. The game could be played with other items you want to take picnic-related items too, for example, drinking at the bar, attending an evening dance or a dance party, etc.

    3.     Medusa

    People: Four or more, and the more, the more

    rules: Sit at a table that is open to the other players. Everyone puts the head of their own. At the time of three, all players raise their heads and look directly at each other. If you have a fling with someone else, shout Medusa, then the one who said it last drinks. You’re safe if you do not lock your eyes.

    4.     Cheers to the governor!

    People: Four or more, and the more, the more

    Rules: Sit in a circle. Players must count between one and 21 and adhere to rules. For example, one rule states that numbers “seven” and “11” are swapped, and the counting goes as follows “six, 11, eight” and then on. When the group reaches 21, everyone shouts, “Cheers to the governor.” Then, the person on 21 who was the first to hit is required to create the new rule that everyone has to adhere to, for example, the requirement that people make an animal sound when asked to say 15, for instance. Then, it begins with one, and the rules continue to apply until each number is subject to an established rule.

    5.     Never have I

    The number of people who can use it: Four or more The more, the more, the better

    Guidelines: Each person holds their hands out with their fingers raised. Choose a person to begin by making an assertion with “Never have I ever” and then conclude with something they’ve never done before. Anyone who has ever done that thing puts their finger on the floor and has a drink.

    A word of caution The game could get dirty and messy, and the more you play in groups, the rowdier and dirty it becomes. Accept that someone else is likely to leave with personal details about you and will appreciate the opportunity to break the ice.

    6.     Thumper

    People: Four or more The more, the more, the better

    The rules: Embrace your inner animal in a public space. Everyone picks an animal they’d like to become and then makes the animal’s sounds and mimics the movements of the animal. The next person is doing their animal-related business, followed by the person preceding them. The person next to them is doing theirs as well as the actions of the two in front of them.

    Every pause can trigger drinking, and then forgetting completely could result from an alcoholic drink or shot, depending on how you manage being in that crowd of people in the bar making the sounds of animals.


    7.     Fingers

    People: Four to eight

    Guidelines: Put a glass in the middle of the group. For the first round, everyone places one finger along the edge of the glass. After that, the designated person will count from 3 to zero. Then, they figure out how many people will place their fingers on the edge. This all happens in just a second. For instance, when there are five players, one starts the countdown and then says, “three, two, one, three.”

    Between one and three, players in the other group either leave the finger or remove it. If the person who guesses it is correct, they’re removed from the competition. If they are wrong, the player drinks and stays in. The game continues until there’s just one player left. The one who has finished the beverage that everyone put their hands on.

    8.     Drink as you think (also known as the “name game”)

    People: Three or more The more, the more, the better.

    Guidelines: The group picks categories like famous people, movie titles, or bands’ names. The first person is required to say the name of that category, for example, Seth Rogan. The second participant must use a famous person’s name that begins with the initial letter of the person who gave a previous choice (Rachel McAdams, for instance).

    The trick is to drink for a long time until you find an appropriate name. The play direction reverses if someone mentions an initial name and the last name begins with the same letters.

    9.     Paranoia

    People: Four or more The more, the more, the better

    Guidelines: Pick someone to be the main participant. The chosen person whispers an inquiry about the group to the ears of the person to their left (For instance, “Who would you never be able to live with?”). ?”). The person asked to answer the question speaks to the question loudly with their

    Answer. If the person to whom the name was used (or anyone else who is curious) is interested in knowing what the question was, they will take alcohol. The person who spoke the name may choose to reply or take an alternative drink.

    10.  Two truths and an untruth

    People: Three or more The more, the more, the better.

    Rules: Pick a person to begin with. They make three assertions about themselves. Two of them are true, and the third one is not true. The person who is left needs to determine which one is the lie. If they are right, then the person who told the claim drinks in the opposite direction, and vice versa If they’re wrong.

    11.  Suffocation

    People: Two or more The more, the more, the better

    rules: Masochism is the term used here if you could not discern it from the name, since when you decide to play, you’re likely to, at some time or another, feel uncomfortable. To play, a player begins asking questions to someone or another person within the group.

    The questions begin with a simple like “How old are you?” Then, they become more personal. When they reach a point where they aren’t willing to respond, they drink the opportunity to drink.

    12.   I drink, and I am aware of things.

    People: Three or more, and the more, the more, the better.

    Game rules: This game is like trivia, only for people who drink. When it’s one person’s turn, they will say, “I drink, and I know,” and then they make a statement like they know the capital of Arkansas. If any group member knows the answer, they utter it, and everyone else must drink, including the one who asked for the conversation.

    The person who gets the answer correctly makes the following statement. If no one can get the answer, everyone drinks, and the questioner is asked to speak again about something they’ve learned.

    13.  Westerosi never did I

    People: Two or more, and the more, the more.

    Guidelines: Game of Thrones Fans may be familiar with the rulebook and game that Tyrion Lannister set in place. Every participant comments at their own turn about someone else within the group (“You’ve not been to Game of Thrones,” for example). If the statement is true, that person is required to drink, and you can make a second statement about the person. If the statement is false, you drink, and it’s the next turn.

    Drinking games with two friends

    The drinking game for 2 is perfect for a awkward first date or when you’re at the bar with your friend, and you want to mix the atmosphere a bit. You can add more participants to the two games if other people want to join.

    14.  If you are familiar with what I’m talking about

    The number of people: Two or more

    Rules: Pick a scenario where two people are, for example, eating in a restaurant or sitting next to one another on a plane. Two people exchange assertions full of innuendos, but they are appropriate for the circumstances, and end each statement by saying, “if you know what I mean.” The first person to finish their innuendos drink.

    15.  Quarters

    The number of people: Two or more.

    Rules: Bartenders and bar owners aren’t usually big admirers of those who play quarters in their glassware. However, if you find a dive, you’re good to go. The objective is to bounce quarters off your table into the glasses (thick shot glasses are the best). Shoot head-to-head against one player. The person who makes it through wins that round, and the person who loses drinks. The person next in line will take over, and so on.

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