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Tips to Manage A Hangover at Work


    The following is a summary of five tips to manage a hangover at work:

    Consider calling off work and taking a sick day. If you insist on going to work, take a cold shower to help ease your body and wear loose and comfortable clothes. Eat a meal and consider taking any home remedies you know for hangovers. Do your best to make your work area as hungover-friendly as you can. Finally, determine a plan to prevent getting a nasty hangover next time.

    5 Tips to Manage A Hangover at Work

    Here are some tips to help you manage a hangover at work.

    1) Assess whether you’re able to work or not.

    On average, people use two sick days per year to stay home and nurse a hangover. Although it might be tempting to save these days, it’s best to stay at home if you’re feeling sick.

    For example, after getting ready for work but before you step out the door, be honest with yourself:

    “Are you feeling well enough to work?”

    Going to work while you’re hungover is a silly idea. You won’t be as productive, and any lingering drunkenness will be noticeable at the workplace.

    If you are worse than hungover, meaning you are still fairly drunk, be careful driving around at all. Many DUIs are issued in the mornings.

    Instead, call your manager about working from home or taking a sick day.

    Most times, people who tell their boss that their unable to come to work due to a hangover typically receive no consequence.

    However, be cautious to ensure you’re still respected and appreciated at the workplace.

    2) Start the day with your hangover in mind.

    You can take a contrast shower by switching the water’s temperature between high or extreme cold. This increases blood flow throughout your body and helps you wake up and recover from the effects of inflammation and detriments that alcohol consumption can bring. But it’s not just that; it’ll remove the sweaty layer of alcohol likely covering your body.

    When your liver processes alcohol, it releases a lot of heat. As a result, your endocrine system (balances hormones) is stunted, which can trigger hot flashes. 

    So get ready for the day by dressing in relaxed, comfortable, and breathable clothing. This will minimize sweat lines. 

    Choose natural fabrics such as linen or cotton, and stay clear of lighter or brightly colored clothing. Instead, choose a loose-fitting, patterned shirt with linen pants that keep you comfy and sweat stains at low.

    3) Get a healthy meal and drinkable breakfast.

    If you’re going to work, ensure that you are hydrated and have a meal ready.

    I would suggest eating oatmeal with blueberries. The complex carbohydrates found in oatmeal have been shown to boost mood and decrease tiredness that occurs at night. In addition, blueberries’ nutrients assist in fighting any inflammation in the body.

    Caffeine can help reduce headaches. However, you should remember that it is a diuretic, which can cause dehydration. Switch this drink out for mild green tea, consume aspirin in the morning, and consume Red ginseng, which has been shown to reduce the effects of drinking alcohol and hangover-related symptoms. 

    You can also include honey in your tea. Honey has been proven to decrease the elimination of alcohol from within the body and decrease general hangover symptoms.

    You can see some home remedies for hangovers here.

    4) Make your workplace more tolerable.

    Feeling dizzy? Switch your desktop wallpaper to grayscale. If the emails in your inbox show gray hues rather than bright white, it will lessen headaches and reduce eye strain.

    Consider owning a desk-side diffuser. The diffuser should be filled with lavender and peppermint oil to alleviate headaches and nausea and help to relax your workplace. 

    If you cannot have the diffuser at work, Peppermint essential oil may be applied to your stomach, lower back, or temples.

    5) Think about the future after the day’s work is over.

    You’ve got through the day! Congrats! The question is whether the night out was worth the grueling day.

    Think about your limits to make sure this doesn’t happen again. This can mean that you limit how much money you spend at the bar or you pass on going out nights before a workday.

    Whatever it may be, consider today to be a lesson for prevention.

    Check out these other hangover cures in the meantime.


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