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3 Popular Hangover Cure Myths (& What To Do Instead)


    In this post, we go over (1) popular hangover cure myths, (2) things you should do when you’re feeling hungover, and (3) foods to help with your hangover.

    Popular Hangover Cure Myths

    Hangover Cure Myth #1: Drink an early morning drink

    This is the classic “hair of the dog” method, the most frequently used when gathering with an assortment of people with the same problem. The premise behind this myth is that drinking more alcohol could be the solution to your hangover. It’s absurdly circular when you think over the idea…

    “While drinking can make you feel better, drinking more alcohol can prolong the hangover symptoms. Additionally, some scientists believe this myth can be a factor that could cause alcohol dependence,” Beaver says. Beaver.

    Hangover Cure Myth #2: Simply do a little bit of medication before going to you go to bed

    If you know that you’ve had a few more or two drinks too often, you could be tempted to grab Ibuprofen or painkillers, wash it off by drinking a large glass of water, and lay on the sheets. If you awake, you’ll know that the medication has completed its work.

    “The first thing you need to know is that acetaminophen and alcohol together can harm your liver,” says Beaver. “Ibuprofen is another medication that people commonly reach for; however, it may boost stomach acid release and add to the stomach irritation it is already experiencing due to drinking alcohol. Before taking any medication, review the label and consult your physician for specific directions.”

    If you decide to test to cure your hangover and wake up feeling good, it’s not the medication — since these medicines typically last only up to six hours.

    “Rather, it could be because of the drinks you consumed or the food you consumed before drinking, or the type of alcohol you consumed,” Beaver says.

    Hangover Cure Myth #3: Have coffee

    If you’re a coffee lover, then you’re probably already convinced of the effectiveness of your morning coffee. However, in the case of hangovers, it’s not a cure.

    “The caffeine found in coffee could temporarily ease tiredness but does not eliminate hangover symptoms,” Beaver explains. Beaver. “There is no evidence from science at this moment that suggests that caffeine can have positive or negative impacts on the symptoms of hangovers.”

    If you drink coffee regularly and feel the effects of caffeine, Beaver recommends having a smaller cup; however, don’t feel obliged.


    What To Do When You Feel Hungover

    We’re done with the hangover cure myths. So, you’re probably wondering, what do I do?

    “When you awake to massive headaches and fatigue after drinking too much, it is the first thing you’ll want to do is make food or drink choices that cause you to suffer even more. Then, try these suggestions in place,” says Beaver.

    Drink a glass of water and sip

    If you awake feeling hungover, particularly if you’re nauseous, you may feel that adding more fluids to your stomach isn’t the best thing you’ll want to do. However, drinking alcohol can trigger some mild dehydration. Rehydrating is crucial to feeling more comfortable.

    “A drink of water as you awake will allow you to get hydrated from the previous night,” says Beaver. “If you’ve reached that point where you’re vomiting, you should drink Gatorade or Pedialyte are great options to replenish your missing electrolytes.”

    Avoid greasy meals and go for quick-digesting carbs

    “Conventional wisdom suggests that eating something heavy, like bacon and biscuits, and sausages and burgers, will aid in easing an alcohol hangover. But, in reality, high-fat foods require a lengthy time to be empty of the stomach. This can cause problems for the stomach lining because it’s already damaged by drinking alcohol.”

    In the alternative, Beaver recommends fast-digesting carbs when feeling nauseated. The kinds of carbohydrates which are easy to digest include:

    • Toast
    • Crackers
    • Bagels

    “If you’re not feeling too nauseated, you can pair your carbohydrates with a protein source like Greek yogurt, or even a hardboiled egg,” suggests Beaver. “I’d suggest avoiding the strong scents that could cause nausea, eating your food slowly, and consuming chilled or room temperature food.”

    Drink a refreshing drink

    Liquids usually empty the stomach faster than solid foods. This is beneficial for those who have stomach irritation.

    “If you’re not ready for eating solid foods, prepare an ice-cream smoothie with the following ingredients: 1 cup of frozen fruits and the half-size of frozen banana, 3/4 cup Greek yogurt with 1 tablespoon of almond butter, and 1 cup almond milk,” suggests Beaver. “This smoothie is packed with antioxidants that can help reduce the effects of alcohol on inflammation.”

    Make some eggs, and you will obtain some vitamin C

    Have you ever heard of a compound known as glutathione? If you haven’t, you’re about.

    “One method our bodies employ to detoxify the effects of alcohol can be found in an antioxidant known as glutathione. It can be depleted following a night of drinking. The body makes glutathione using protein building blocks like the ones found in high-quality protein sources, such as eggs,” Explains Beaver. “Vitamin C also plays a key part in maintaining glutathione levels.”

    That means assisting in re-establishing the levels of glutathione and providing the body with nutrients that it requires, including protein and food items high in vitamin C in your diet.

    “Chicken and salmon, eggs as well as yogurt, lentils, and oatmeal are all excellent sources of proteins we require. However, eggs are the simplest thing to cook in case you’re sick,” says Beaver. “And Vitamin C sources that can be refreshing and hydrating include red bell peppers, strawberries, and mango. Also pineapple, mango tomatoes, clementines, and raspberries.”

    Here are a few easy methods:

    • Scrambled eggs accompanied by the addition of sauteed spinach and cut strawberries
    • Breakfast tacos with eggs. Sauteed onions and peppers and served with pico de gallo
    • A smoothie for breakfast made from mango that has been frozen
    • Fried eggs over avocado toast, and an accompanying side of crunchy cut red bell peppers

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