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10+ Must-Have Home Bar Tools & Essentials


    Here are ten plus must-have home bar tools and essentials.

    Must-Have Home Bar Tools & Essentials

    Boston Shaker Tins

    The two tin shakers can be inserted into each other to form the perfect seal for vigorous mixing. A decent size set must allow enough space for two beverages to shake with plenty of Ice cubes. It is suggested to use a weighted set since it lets the bartender gain a better grip.

    Cobbler/Three-Piece Shaker

    The three-piece shaker with an integrated strainer is generally smaller in volume and size, 12-18fl oz (350-500ml) compared to the Boston (1 700ml/pint). This is because the finest cobbler shakers are made with high-quality polished stainless steel.

    Mixing Glass/Tin

    An essential component for stirring drinks Mixing glasses or tins allows bartenders to mix a drink gently without overdoing it and to tell a story or two as the alchemy takes place. Glass-based versions can be gorgeous and less costly than stainless steel counterparts. However, they’re less breakable and cool drinks quicker.


    This utensil is made of metal and has tightly wound coils that will stop anything unwanted from being present in your drink. At Claridge’s it is a Hawthorne strainer is commonly used. It can be tucked inside the Boston shaker container. The spring is designed to stop the ice from escaping. But, bartenders can “open the gate” (move the strainer slightly back) to allow small pieces of ice to be added to the drink as desired. Bartenders from Claridge typically strain two times with the fine strainer.


    Fine Strainer

    This is a tiny, steel mesh basket that you would utilize to steep loose-leaf tea. When used in conjunction with a Hawthorne strainer, makes sure that drinks are smooth and refined in texture. This is especially helpful when making cocktails using egg whites.


    This tool is utilized for each Claridge’s cocktail, except for Claridge’s Martini, which is not

    pour. The Japanese-style jigger is the preferred choice in the hotel because it has numerous etchings on the inside that indicate various measurements, allowing for greater precision. Keep the jigger straight while adding liquor, and then pour it up to the top.

    Bar Spoon

    The spoon’s long, slim handle can reach the top of the highest mixing glass. At Claridge’s, the selection includes 16-inch (40cm) teardrop-shaped bar spoons with a beautiful spiral design and a slim shaft, allowing fingers to be held and moved easily. There’s a science of stirring. Movement should be done with the wrist and not the elbow. Fingers should be wrapped around the spoon so they can move in tandem while there is no sound on the table. Bartenders at Claridge’s are trained to stir with both hands so that they can mix multiple drinks at once.

    Ice Pick and Knife

    An ice knife or ice pick could add a dash to your cocktail-making drama. They’re, naturally, extremely sharp and must be handled with care lest your celebration ends up in more drama than you

    Planned. Make sure you hold the pick tightly and hold one hand close to its sharp edges. This will allow you to make contact with the ice.


    The bartender’s version of the mortar and pestle Muddlers gently crush fruits, peels, herbs, and other fruits. The result is that their juices are released, along with oils, and scents


    Essential to a perfect Martini This simple sprayer allows you to “season” the glass using the perfect mist to complete a Dr

    Ice Tongs

    They can be items of beauty and can be the perfect final touch to your mix. Make use of the ice cubes to fill or remove them from glasses and shakers. They also serve as a means of making adjustments to garnishes.

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