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Movies You Can Play Drinking Games Watching


    Here is a list of movies you can play drinking games watching.

    Movies You Can Play Drinking Games Watching

    There are a lot of options to keep off boredom these days. Although Netflix offers a variety of the top films and shows available to stream, you’ll eventually get tired of staring at an empty screen. There’s an excellent solution to this issue, and that is drinking games for movies.

    There’s a film drinking game available for almost any movie you can imagine, and if you’re searching for a compilation of the top drinks, you’ve come to the right spot. On the other hand, if you spot something that seems enjoyable, grab the case filled with inexpensive beer and start drinking.

    Machete Kills (2013)

    A film that’s designed to be outrageous (and is done so with rousing energy), Machete Kills is a hilarious and surely enjoyable movie to enjoy. Anyone who puts on this movie probably has at least one drink in their cup. We’ll advise you on the amount and frequency of consuming it.

    Take a drink when:

    • Sofia Vergara shoots bullets out of her breasts.
    • A woman admits how drawn her to Machete.
    • Someone gets decapitated.
    • Someone mispronounces Machete.
    • A machete is a third person.
    • Somebody is performing unneeded Acrobatics.

    Chugs when:

    • You’re watching people on the set of Spy Kids (Antonio Banderas, Alexa Vega), and you keep watching until they’re off-screen.

    Stop drinking at the time:

    Nacho Libre (2006)

    This offbeat comedy will entertain all, particularly those who appreciate the comical ways typical of Napoleon Dynamite. So relax with a glass of beer or two, or maybe a few “nachooooooooos” to discover the Luchador in you.

    Get a glass of water when:

    • Nacho begins singing something.
    • You can hear the cries of an eagle.
    • People discuss pants.
    • Nacho gazes off in the far distance.
    • Nacho Says, “Take it easy!”
    • A complex thing is described as an offense.

    Chugs when:

    • Nacho responds, “Nachooooooo,” and keeps going until he’s completed.

    Drink your last sip at the time:

    Monty Python and The Holy Grail (1975)

    British comedy, silliness, and swordplay are featured in this fantastic comedy that is timeless comedy. But, as with any low-budget movie, this charming film is well with a low-budget brew.

    Take a drink when:

    • There are trumpets with butts.
    • Someone has said, “I’m not dead yet.”
    • Lancelot dies amid someone’s death.
    • The Black Knight loses a limb.
    • The King is not being listened to by someone.
    • A cat shouts.
    • Someone escapes.

    Drink your last sip at the time:

    Twilight (2008)

    The concept for this romantic erotica for teens was said to have been brought to the Mormon author in a vision. So we’ve thought of ways to enjoy the film. It’s a story that involves alcohol.

    Get a glass of water when:

    • A vampire is speeding, but the results are so severe that they can make you laugh.
    • Bella has that strange lip bite thing.
    • The vampire looks pretty and sparkling.
    • Edward is known to do or say something horrifyingly creepy Edward says or does something extremely creepy, and Bella is awed by it.
    • Every vampire screams at something.
    • Edward appears to be suffering from pain.

    Make a shot at the time:

    • Jasper has an e-line.

    Drink your last sip at the time:

    • You can actually see Jacob transform into the form of a werewolf. WATCH NOW

    Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

    You’re terribly wrong if you thought that the movie drinking games weren’t interactive enough just because you’re drunk. Bandersnatch adds a “choose-your-own-adventure” element that changes the game entirely.

    Take a drink when:

    • Someone says, “Bandersnatch.”
    • Netflix has been mentioned.
    • You must decide.
    • You will have to watch the same part of the film.
    • Someone is addicted to smoking or using drugs.
    • Someone has mentioned the possibility of a parallel universe.
    • Someone dies.

    Drink your last sip at the time:

    Mortal Kombat (1995)

    The hilariously campy film adaptation of the popular video game fighting show is a perfect accompanying drink or two. However, you should try not to try any of the moves you see on the screen, as you risk injury to yourself.

    Take a drink when:

    • Johnny Cage decides to be a joker.
    • Raiden talks to Gods of the Elder Gods. Elder Gods.
    • Scorpion says, “Get over here!” or “Come here!”
    • Someone actually mentions Mortal Kombat.
    • Someone has said, “Finish him” in any situation.
    • Johnny Cage takes his sunglasses off and puts them back on.

    Stop drinking at the time:

    Bee Movie (2007)

    Perhaps one of DreamWork’s most popular animated films in the past, Bee Movie is the object of many adversities online. But, of course, this degree of criticism has brought it to the point of becoming a cult film and makes it an ideal choice for having a beverage in your hand.

    Take a drink when:

    • Someone is saying, “Bee.”
    • Someone is saying, “Honey.”
    • There’s a bee pun.
    • Someone gets stung.
    • There’s a breaking news segment.
    • Bears are frequently mentioned.

    Drink your last sip at the time:

    • It’s a shame that you watched this film.
    • You are sad for the bees. WATCH NOW

    Underworld (2003)

    Lycans, as well as vampires and even violence? Underworld brings a completely different level of sci-fi action by featuring Kate Beckinsale in tight leather pants.

    Get a glass of water when:

    • Lycans transform.
    • Selene’s eyes turn a different color.
    • Somebody is taken away.
    • Selene falls to her feet.
    • Someone calls “Lycan.”
    • Someone has said, “Vampire.”
    • A gun is fired.

    Stop drinking at the time:

    • A head is cut in half.


    Superbad (2007)

    With raunchy, crude comedy, Superbad is an ode to the high school nerds that desired the status of being cool. The film’s main purpose is to have a drink So why not join in on the party? This is among the most enjoyable Seth Rogen movies and one of the top comedies you can find on Netflix.

    Take a drink when:

    • Someone mentions McLovin.
    • The term penis or vagina is often used.
    • Seth’s eyes widen before he gets scared or shouts.
    • Anytime someone mentions Goldschlager vodka.


    • If they want to do.

    Stop drinking at the time:

    • The three friends eventually get married. WATCH NOW

    Total Recall (1990)

    The comically unintentionally funny but incredibly fantastic 1980s action flick The Total Recall is among the best. However, it’s certainly better if it’s seen more as a sci-fi-themed comedy. It’s also among

    the most Arnold Schwarzenegger films ever made.

    Take a drink when:

    • The very obvious dummy head is employed for special effects.
    • You can hear Arnold’s iconic Arnold sounds when he wrestles or fights.
    • When someone speaks, they say, “Mars.”
    • When Arnold is slyly calling women derogatory names.
    • Richter is hilarious without conscious intention.

    Make a shot When:

    • Then you’ll be able to experience the famous trip Nip scene. Finally, you’ll be able to understand what it is.

    Stop drinking at the time:

    • It was just a dream. Was it? Or was it?

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