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How Much Time Does Mead last In the Freezer?


    In this post, we go over (1) how much time does mead last in the freezer and (2) how do you know if mead is fresh.

    How Much Time Does Mead Last In the Freezer

    Mead shouldn’t be kept in the freezer as it could alter the liquor flavor. However, as with any other alcohol-based drink, it is possible to store mead inside the freezer if you want to.

    If the mead can be kept inside a freezer, in an unopened bottle, it can be kept for an indefinite time. The freezer aids in stopping the process of expiration and also ensures that the mead stays fresh. However, the flavor will change and dilute when stored in the refrigerator.

    A mead bottle that has been opened is also able to be stored inside a freezer. If you want to keep your mead frozen to keep it in use for longer, it is possible to store it in the freezer. However, ensure that it is stored in the expandable bottle, so it doesn’t explode in the freezer.

    The most efficient method to store mead is in the pantry, which prevents the mead from being damaged or oxidized due to sunlight. However, if you decide to put it in the freezer or refrigerator, it could be less tasty and may become undrinkable.


    How Do You Know If Mead is fresh?

    Mead is not prone to becoming rancid fast, but it’s usually due to an infection in homemade mead. If you’re interested in knowing whether your mead is usable, look at the following factors.

    The smell: One of the best methods to determine whether the mead went wrong is to smell bitter and rancid. The scent will instantly hit your nostrils and is likely to be overpowering. Fresh mead will possess the pleasant aroma of the spices that are used within the alcohol.

    Appearance: If the mead has been contaminated, it may appear like it’s getting cloudy and will lose its auburn color. It could appear transparent or white and could be difficult to discern through. Fresh mead will retain its color and won’t become cloudy. It is crucial to remember that sediment may be present in the middle of your mead; however, it’s normal and an aspect of the look.

    Taste: Bad mead can taste bitter. It is due to the process of oxidation may cause the spices to go rancid. Mead is supposed to be fresh and with flavor, not bitter.

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