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How many drinks are too many?


    A warning has been issued by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

    Shedding light on the detrimental effects of binge drinking – commonly known as excessive alcohol consumption – on sexual performance and overall sexual health. To qualify as binge drinking.

    It involves consuming more than five drinks in a single day for men or exceeding 15 drinks per week. Such a significant intake of alcohol can disrupt both the male hormone and circulatory system resulting in potential temporary or permanent infertility as well as hair loss on the chest and face.

    It is crucial to bear in mind that excessive drinkings long term health risks extend beyond affecting sexual matters; they also include high blood pressure, depression, heart problems, and different types of cancer. Moreover. One must take into account the potential harm that heavy alcohol consumption can inflict upon personal relationships.


    Here are some resources I recommend:

    120 Alcoholic Drinks for Connoisseurs shows you over one hundred unique alcoholic drinks to make and show off to your friends and have a night you won’t forget.

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    RUBY Decanter w/ Built-in Aerator is easily the best on the market that we recommend.

    8oz Premium Flask for when you’re going out and don’t want to blow all your money on drinks.

    Stainless Steel Cooling Stones for keeping your drinks cold and classy.

    Bartending & Mixology Masterclass teaches you everything you need to know about mixing drinks and alcoholic beverages like a professional.