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How do you make easy cocktail drinks? (10 Recipes)


    In this post, we go over (1) how do you make easy cocktail drinks and (2) ten recipes for cocktail drinks.

    How Do You Make Easy Cocktail Drinks

    Keeping a couple of classic cocktails in your purse is always a good idea. If you’re mixing drinks to enjoy the perfect romantic date evening or enjoying a tasty brunch, and need some drinks to pair or want to have an evening of relaxation with your friends, making easy cocktails is an easy method to enhance any gathering. Making the most traditional cocktails can’t be more straightforward with the right ingredients and some essential items in the Bar cart,

    Whichever spirit you prefer, whether it’s vodka, gin or whiskey, bourbon, tequila, or something else, there’s bound to be a drink you like. If you don’t is a fan of hard liquor, you could always opt for the classic champagne drinker, one created with the cold beverage of beers and sparkling wines. A few of these traditional cocktail recipes could be turned into mocktails if you decide to stay alcohol-free. If you’re strapped in time or supplies, There are canned cocktails alternatives where all you need to do is into the container and drink.

    Furthermore, some of these cocktail recipes are simple to increase the size of, so you can make a massive batch before your next gathering and take more time to enjoy your guests. So what are you putting off? Here are a few of the most popular classic cocktail recipes that are great throughout the year.

    Pre-dinner drinks shouldn’t be an overwhelming process, so we’ve created some easy cocktails to prepare at your home:

    1.     Cheeky Vimto

    A long-standing student favorite and with an excellent reason! Cheerful Vimtos are very simple to make and turn into a delicious color. Are we missing anything?

    Cheeky Vimto ingredients

    • 1 bottle WKD Blue (or the equivalent brand)
    • 50ml port (small bottle)
    • The vodka is 25ml in size.

    Simple Cheeky Vimto recipe

    1. Mix with the container of WKD along with the port.
    2. Mix in your vodka and stir.

    2.     Sex On The Beach

    Ideal for summer. Also, perfect for winter. Or any time.

    On The Beach ingredients for Sex On The Beach ingredients

    • 200ml of the juice of cranberries
    • Orange juice 100ml
    • 75ml of vodka
    • 75ml of peach Schnapps.

    Uncomplicated Sex on The Beach recipe

    1. Mix all the ingredients (use shakers if you’ve already got one)
    2. Pour the drink into a glass of ice and sip.

    1.     Jammy Dodger Shot

    Okay, this can be described as a shot rather than an alcoholic drink. However, it is a shot, but the Jammy Dodger cocktail shot is the most flavorful shot to ever appear in your mouth. You’ll be smiling when you take this shot back!

    Jammy Dodger Shot ingredients

    • The bottle contains Chambord (blackberry alcohol)
    • Double cream (yes, it is)
    • Sugar

    Easy Jammy Dodger Shot recipe

    1. The shot glass should be three-quarters full of Chambord
    2. Make sure to top it off with cream
    3. Sprinkle some sweetener on the cake, knock it back and then enjoy!

    2.     Pina Colada

    You get a tropical treat if you’ve never had homemade Pina Colada. It’s a favorite of ours (we also enjoy being wet) and highly recommended.

    Pina Colada ingredients

    • 50ml of white whiskey
    • Coconut cream 25mL
    • 25ml of cream in a single bottle
    • 200ml of juice from pineapple.

    Easy Pina Colada recipe

    1. Mix all of the ingredients (again, make use of a shaker if you’ve got one)
    2. Serve on the ice
    3. If you’re looking to cheat, avoid the cost of purchasing the three initial ingredients and instead utilize Malibu!

    3.     Woo

    Woo is one of the most popular Wetherspoons dishes. However, you can cook it at home, and it’s less expensive. Here’s how.

    Woo ingredients

    • 25ml of peach Schnapps
    • 25ml of vodka
    • 50ml of Cranberry juice.

    Easy Woo recipe

    1. Mix the peach schnapps and vodka
    2. Mix in the cranberry juice, and have a blast!

    4.     Mojito

    Mojitos have been a popular drink for a long time, and it’s not difficult to understand why they have been a favorite among students. The best part is that these simple cocktails don’t have time to prepare!

    Mojito ingredients

    • Half of a lime (cut into four pieces)
    • 5 fresh mint leaves
    • Tablespoon of sugar
    • 50ml golden Rum (Captain Morgan’s Spiced and Havana Club should do)
    • Soda water
    • A handful of raspberries or strawberries (optional and gives an additional burst of flavor).

    Easy Mojito recipe

    1. Place the mint leaves, lime, and sugar (plus the fruit if you’re making use of them) in a glass and mix them with any tool you have at hand (the grip of any plastic spoon, similar to a spatula, can be used).
    2. Pour the rum in, then top with soda water, and stir. The mojito is now ready!

    5.     Fluffy Duck

    Who wouldn’t love drinks with names like “Fluffy Duck”? It’s also yellow. What does the flavoring matter (not bad, but it is)?

    Fluffy Duck ingredients

    • 25ml of Advocaat
    • 25ml of white Rum
    • 25ml of cream
    • Lemonade.

    Easy Fluffy Duck recipe

    1. Mix the rum, cream, and the advocaat into glasses.
    2. Pour a splash of lemonade.
    3. If you’re looking for a challenge, try substituting the cream with Ice cream. Don’t be fooled by this suggestion!

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