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How do I Store Mead? (How to Freeze & Thaw Mead)


    In this post, we answer the question: How do I store mead?

    How Do I Store Mead

    There are several different methods to store mead depending on the bottle’s condition In the open.

    Unopened bottle: When keeping an open mead bottle, store it in a cupboard away from direct sunlight. A dark place will keep the mead fresh and ensure that it doesn’t change due to sunlight or oxygenation.

    Opened bottle: Depending on whether it is a traditional mead or light mead, the bottle must be stored properly. A classic mead bottle can be kept inside the cupboard or the refrigerator. However, mead with a light flavor is best stored in the fridge once opened due to its low alcohol level.

    How do you freeze Mead?

    Yes, mead can be frozen like other drinks. However, the temperature is required to be frozen less than water. Therefore you should consider the next steps.

    Put mead into an expandable container. Just like any freezing liquid, mead expands. If you don’t have an expandable container, it may damage the container and cause mead to spill out and rapidly oxidize.

    Make sure you have a secure lid: If you place the mead in the freezer, ensure the cap is secure and does not let air escape from the bottle. The original lid is the most suitable!

    Since mead contains alcohol, it has a lower freezing point and requires a more extended period to freeze. Therefore, it can take more time than water, and it may take some time to freeze completely.


    How do you thaw mead?

    If you’ve chosen to store your mead in a freezer, there are two methods to melt it completely.

    Thaw at room temperature: You can thaw your mead at room temperature by putting the bottle on the counter. The temperature will gradually increase until the bottle is at room temperature. It could take a few minutes. In the meantime, you can have the mead of slush.

    Thaw in the fridge: You can freeze the mead and then thaw it in the fridge for a few hours. The fridge will keep the mead chilled and melt the ice. However, it is vital to keep in mind that it can result in condensing of your bottle, which can create a mess in the fridge.

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