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How can you test the methanol content of your homebrew?

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The question is: How can you test the methanol content of your homebrew?

Apply sodium dichromate to the beverage sample and add methylene blue to the drink.

To test the homebrew for Methanol, first, apply sodium dichromate to a small amount of the beverage. Then add Methylene blue to the drink.

If you don’t observe any changes in color after adding the blue-methylene compound, confirm that your beer has produced the chemical and that the fermentation process is secure.

How can you tell if there is methanol present in alcoholic beverages?

Methanol is a clear and colorless liquid that can be identified by its smell and produces the appearance of a yellow flame when it is lit on fire or by using sodium dichromate. If you fear methanol production in your homebrew, there are two methods to test for methanol.

The first option is to employ a hydrometer to compare the gravity specific to unfermented wort with a hydrometer to the fermented wort. The second option is to apply an analytical technique such as gas chromatography (GC) or high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC).


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