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Homemade Cherry Bitters: A Delicious Addition to Your Home Bar

    Homemade Cherry Bitters: A Delicious Addition to Your Home Bar

    In this post, we go over how to make homemade cherry bitters.

    What are Homemade Bitters?

    Homemade bitters, a key ingredient in cocktail making. Serve as a powerful flavor enhancer. To create homemade bitters, a mixture of herbs, spices, and other elements are infused in high proof alcohol. Incorporating bitters into cocktails allows mixologists to enhance the complexity and depth of flavors. Especially in classic drinks like the Old Fashioned and the Manhattan. Additionally. These natural flavoring agents can also be added to non alcoholic beverages and culinary creations.

    What are Homemade Bitters?

    Homemade Cherry Bitters: A Delicious Addition to Your Home Bar

    Suppose you’re an avid aficionado of timeless cocktails—its evident that bitters represent an indispensable component within many such concoctions. Yet have you ever contemplated undertaking the journey of creating your own homemade bitters? Surprisingly enough this venture proves far more accessible than one may initially imagine, offering delightful rewards once undertaken. Within this blog post.

    We shall embark on crafting homemade cherry bitters—an exquisite enhancement for any personal home bar.

    Firstly. Let us explore exactly what constitutes bitters. Bitters constitute potent flavor agents steeped in tradition and heavily featured across varied cocktail recipes. Crafted by infusing herbs.

    Spices, and other elements within high proof alcohol.

    These concentrated essences bring depth and intricate layers to cocktails—seamlessly melding with beloved classics such as the Old Fashioned or the Manhattan. Furthermore. Bitters rise above their alcoholic origins.

    Finding purpose within non alcoholic beverages and even culinary endeavors. Now one may question—why embark on creating homemade bitters when retail options abound?

    The answer lies in the captivating and rewarding experience that unfolds.

    Crafting your own bitters kindles joy and fulfillment allowing for endless creativity in flavor profiles while dousing each creation with a personal touch.

    Moreover these bespoke wonders serve as thoughtful gifts for fellow cocktail enthusiasts within your social circle—an offering guaranteed to astound and delight.

    Without further ado we present our recipe for crafting homemade cherry bitters:


    • 1 cup of high proof vodka
    • 1 cup of fresh or frozen cherries skillfully pitted and chopped
    • 1 tablespoon of cardamom pods
    • 1 tablespoon of coriander seeds
    • 1 cinnamon stick
    • A quarter teaspoon of sea salt
    • A quarter cup of honey


    1. Obtain a clean jar and combine all identified ingredients within it. 2.

    Seal the jar securely and allow two weeks to elapse while undisturbed.

    Don’t forget to delicately shake the mixture every few days.

    1. After this designated period concludes, carefully strain the mixture whilst discarding any remnants.

    Meticulously transfer your new bitters into bottles—a treasure trove that promises exquisite flavor contributions to any cocktails you craft.

    Wandering about how best to showcase your cherry bitters?

    These wonderful creations harmonize ideally with whiskey based or bourbon based cocktails—an impeccable pairing guaranteed to elevate each sip consumed.

    Here are a few cocktail recipes that you may find enjoyable:

    Cherry Old Fashioned

    • 2 oz of bourbon
    • 1 tsp of honey
    • 1 tsp of water
    • 2 dashes of cherry bitters
    • Orange peel for garnish

    In an Old Fashioned glass. Kindly combine the honey and water. Proceed to add the cherry bitters and gently stir everything together. Add ice to the glass followed by pouring the bourbon over the ice. Stir well and garnish with an orange peel.
    Cherry Manhattan

    • 2 oz of rye whiskey
    • 1 oz of sweet vermouth
    • 2 dashes of cherry bitters
    • Maraschino cherry for garnish

    In a mixing glass politely combine the rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, and cherry bitters. Add ice and stir well in a composed manner. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Enhance the presentation with a lovely Maraschino cherry.

    Engaging in the craft of creating your own homemade bitters is an excellent opportunity to explore different flavors and add a personal touch to your cocktails. The addition of cherry bitters can truly elevate any home bar setup. As they tastefully complement various cocktails. Its important to practice patience and allow your bitters to sit for at least two weeks in order for their flavor to fully develop. Enjoy experimenting with these delightful concoctions!

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