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6 Common Sense Hangover Cures Before Work


    The following is a summary of 6 Common Sense Hangover Cures Before Work:

    Accept that today is going to be a rough day. Take a shower, brush your teeth, be an adult, eat some food, and maybe take a hair off the dog that bit you. Be mindful of your schedule and trust yourself to get through this treacherous day.

    The only thing worse than magically waking up in your bed in a spinning room is the dreadful feeling of knowing that you have to get up to go to work in this condition.

    When you’re dealing with a hangover before work, there are two things you need to figure out. One, you need to figure out how to hide your hangover. And two, you need to figure out how to make that sick feeling go away.

    6 Common Sense Hangover Cures Before Work

    Here are a few hangover cures you can take before work.

    Accept Your Fate

    Whether you like it or not, there is no immediate fix for a hangover. Congratulations, you done goof-goofed.

    But that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to reduce the hangover in the meantime.

    For starters, accept that today is gonna be a rough day. Your mood and productivity aren’t gonna be at their best, but you already knew that a couple of drinks in.

    After you’ve accepted the sucky-ness that’s going to be today, now it’s time to relax. This doesn’t mean that you’re gonna sit around with your thumb up your bum. It means that you’re gonna keep moving at a manageable pace.

    Allowing yourself to take things slow today is the best way to keep yourself dignified at work.

    Take a small hair off the dog that bit you

    In the past, the phrase “hair from the dogs” was taken literally. It is derived from folklore that if someone was bit by a vicious dog, they could get their wounds cured by drinking a drink made using a few hairs of the dog.

    In the context of a hangover, it doesn’t hurt to drink a bit of yesterday’s poison to help level you off a little.

    The reason why a “hair off the dog that bit you” works is because a hangover is essentially an onset symptom of alcohol withdrawal. Your brain was so high on liquid courage that the sudden drop in blood alcohol levels gave you a hangover.

    However, make sure you don’t drink too much. You’re not trying to get to work buzzed. You’re trying to give your brain some alcohol to work with and help it taper off the drunkenness gradually. This way, you lose a bit of hangover (so to speak).

    Take a shower

    Your body’s screaming for more sleep. However, instead of hitting the snooze button once more, try dragging your body off the bed and try putting yourself together into some semblance of a functional human being.

    When it comes to taking a shower, you’re better off taking a cold shower or a contrast shower.

    (A contrast shower is where you switch between warm and cold water throughout your shower.)

    The benefits of taking a shower include:

    • Feeling more alert
    • Wash off the booze
    • Helps hide the scent of shame from your coworkers

    It’s honestly just wise to take a shower before work. Don’t forget to brush your teeth too.

    Be mindful of breakfast

    After getting messed up, it’s always tempting to eat something like pizza, fries, or something from a late night diner.

    Well… that’s not what we’re doing this morning. Instead, you’re better off having some of the following:

    Eggs are filled with cysteine, a chemical that aids in metabolizing certain toxic chemicals that have accumulated within your body. 

    Vitamin C helps the body break down alcohol more efficiently, so drinking a glass of juice from the fruit isn’t bad. Though be cautious with citrus juices as they can cause stomach irritation, so if your stomach is experiencing discomfort, it’s best to seek a substitute for OJ. 

    Some carbs to help bring your blood sugar levels back to normal, as it’s likely to be low after an evening of drinking, and a banana, due to its potassium content, can help you stay hydrated.

    Coffee and water are good to have around. Coffee because you could probably use it. Water because you definitely need it.

    Look at your schedule

    This is a no-brainer and must: Don’t let yourself get behind on the things that must be completed today. Don’t miss meetings, don’t miss deadlines, and don’t do anything else that could draw attention to your current condition.

    Don’t puke anywhere you’re not supposed to.

    Engage yourself in work; if working with your colleagues or taking on an arduous task gives the energy boost that you’ve been looking for, go full-speed ahead.

    But if it’s taking all you can do to keep your hands up to your keyboard, perhaps this is the time to get caught up on more accessible activities that require less effort, such as checking emails and making plans for future meetings. Be gentle with yourself.

    If that phone call isn’t necessary to have today, put it aside for another day when your head isn’t beating, or your mouth does not feel as if it’s filled with cotton.

    Trust the indomitable human spirit

    You’ve survived worse than this, I think.

    Trust that you’ll make it through the day and take it easy.


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