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Tips, Tricks & Hangover Cures Before Bed and the Day After


    This post looks at some tips, tricks, and hangover cures before bed and the day after.

    Are you feeling it now Mister Krabs?

    A heavy head, disdain for light, annoyance at sound, a mean tummy ache and constant thirst.

    Was it… was it worth it?

    10 Tricks for Hangovers

    Here are the top ten tricks for avoiding or at least alleviating a hangover.

    Tricks for Hangover Cures Before Bed

    Never drink on an empty stomach. Dairy products such as yogurt and milk are great stomach cleansers. So, if you’re likely to eat on your night out, have an ounce of plain yogurt, an apple or cereal bowl with milk, or a few biscuits and cheese before heading out. But, in the evening, beware of salty snacks such as crisps and peanuts since they can cause you to drink more and could make you drink more.

    Limit fizzy alcoholic drinks. Indeed, these take a direct route into your brain. In addition, the bubbles they create speed up the consumption of alcohol, so restrict the number of glasses that you drink of champagne, sparkling wine drinks, and champagne.

    Avoid nightcap dark drinks, particularly spirits such as whisky or brandy. They contain more substances known as congeners that are created through the fermentation and distillation process. The presence of these compounds is believed to cause a worse hangover. Light alcoholic drinks are better for preventing hangovers.

    Drink lots of water. Everyone knows this.


    Tricks for Hangover Cures The Day After

    Avoid the hair of your dog. Regardless of what people suggest drinking more alcohol is not the solution.

    Now you need more than water. Drinking a sports drink or Rehydration drink can help restore your water levels. In addition, it is possible to rehydrate yourself by dissolving six standard teaspoons of sugar and half of a level teaspoon of salt in one liter of water, and then take a sip all day long. When sipped slowly, a mouth-to-mouth rehydration drink like this could help replenish the water you’ve lost and the sugars and essential salts too.

    Limit caffeine. You might be in desperate need of a caffeine boost. However, drinking excessive cups of coffee or tea will increase the severity of dehydration – therefore, limit your coffee intake until you feel better.

    Eat a nutritious breakfast. It’s the ideal method to replenish the minerals and vitamins that your body has lost during its struggle to eliminate alcohol. If you’re unable to eat or even drink, a bowl of breakfast cereal enriched with iron and folate can assist in repairing the harm and boost the energy level. If you’re a fan of food, choose B-rich wholegrains such as a slice of toast that is wholemeal, accompanied by scrambled or poached eggs and some grilled tomatoes or mushrooms, and end with an orange juice glass.

    Avoid aspirin or Ibuprofen. You may believe they’ll help you sort your mind out, but they aggravate your stomach more.

    Refrain from cravings for sugar. You may be looking for a sweet fix, but you shouldn’t overindulge yourself. Foods and drinks containing sugar only add to your already unhealthy glucose levels. Instead, you can naturally satisfy your sugar craving by eating fresh fruits because of their vitamin and water content. You can also make an apple and yogurt drink.

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