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5 Cool Things For A Home Bar


    Are you looking for cool things for a home bar? Well you’ve come to the right place!

    5 Cool Things For A Home Bar

    Bottle Illuminator

    2-Step Bar Shelf Glorifier for 24 “The bottle light is ideal for bar owners who want to showcase their most expensive (most costly) alcohol bottles or add a unique flair to their bar at home. It is equipped with an adjustable remote that can be programmed to control lighting that changes color. This allows you to change the color depending on the bottles you display or even to match the theme of the holiday or party!

    They are available in sizes ranging from 16″ to 96″, so visit this link to view the pricing for various sizes. You can also purchase a three-step variant.

    2 LONG RGB LED Remote Controlled Illuminated Shelf The one above looks like the two-step model but is not as tall and can be mounted on the ceiling. This makes it more flexible and ideal for smaller bars in homes that don’t have the space for the multi-step display. The only drawback is that putting it up on the wall will show the cord unless you place it back behind it or cover it in a different method.


    If you’re a regular beer lover or often host events, a kegerator could be possibly the most beneficial option for your home bar that you could make.

    Edge Star full-Size Kegerator I could write an entire page about Kegerators (and most likely will in the near future) because there is plenty to consider when selecting one. If you’re considering a kegerator, you should consider the space you have as well as the size of the kegs that you usually purchase, whether you wish to get the double tap (for 2 smaller kegs within one Kegerator) or only one tap and, of course, your budget.

    For this article, I’ll simplify it and focus on the Edge Star, among the most well-known brands out in the market, with the KC2000 being among the most well-known models. It’s not a lot of money and comes with all the essential features required to start your journey into the world of Kegerators. So it’s impossible to go wrong with this model.

    Twisty Whiskey Glasses

    Twist Whiskey and Scotch Glasses from Ashcroft Return to the best things. The bar must have special glasses. They can be great conversation starting points. They can even help to enhance the experience of drinking. The whisky glasses that twist are distinctive enough to not be weird enough to give a unique look to your bar in your home but still remain classy as you sip your Johnny Walker Blue Label.


    Globe That Holds Bottles

    These are the most interesting things about making a bar at home. Things like these are what I like because they add style to the space, which is fascinating.

    Go plus 34″ century Wood Globe Wine Bar Stand. It is ideal for an area where you might not have a bar but require a place to serve drinks, like a living room or dining area. It’s a sixteenth Century design globe that can store bottles of liquor or wine as well as a variety of glasses too. It’s also housed in the wooden serving cart, so you could use it to store additional bottles, appetizers, or anything else you can think of that goes with an antique globe from the 16th century. This will surely become a conversation piece.

    Make a 20-inch diameter 16th-century Italian Design floor globe bar. This is a smaller version of this globe-shaped bottle holder. I think it would be ideal for smaller spaces such as the home office or den. It’s a great idea to conceal the whiskey away from the boss in your corner of the office. It can also be a feature piece for a more traditional home bar.

    Cheesy Marquee BAR Sign

    The bar at home (or an actual bar in general) is unfinished without a deliciously kitschy sign. You could choose to go with old sports or movie posters; however, this is more appealing.

    Led Illuminated Marquee Sign It is a plastic marquee that has LED illumination. I love how each word can be suspended or put in a separate location so that you can be creative in the layout of the letters (or make a spell of BRA in case you really would like to). Each letter measures about 7″ in width. Because they’re led lights, they do not need to be concerned about them becoming too hot, and they’ll last for a long time. In addition, they come with holes to mount on the wall.

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