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Making Batch Cocktail by using Math

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Making Batch Cocktail by using Math

In this post, we discuss making batch cocktail using math.

You can still be as precise and as scientific as you’d like If you’d instead pull out a calculator and perform some calculations.

Making Batch Cocktail by using Math

To ensure the quantity of water used in the batch is precise, the initial step should be to weigh one cocktail containing all ingredients before being chilled and diluted.

Set the cocktail glass on a kitchen scale and add the entire mix directly into the glass. Take note of the weight.

The next step is to make the cocktail by shaking or stirring the drink with the help of ice, as instructed.

Then strain the drink into the glass. Keep a close eye on the scale, and note the weight.

The difference in weight of both cocktails is the amount of liquid added through stirring or shaking.

Multiply the added amount by 8, then use the result as the water added to the cocktail batched.

Bitters are still a mystery and unproven as various bitters react in different or less noticeable ways during dilution following the specific ingredients.

Making Batch Cocktail by using Math

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