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Can mead be refrigerated and frozen?


    Have you ever wondered, “Can mead be refrigerated and frozen?”

    Mead is an alcohol-based spirit that is strong and has a high alcohol content, which makes it challenging to spoil when stored properly. The various mead types may have different expiry dates, but they’ll last longer if properly stored.

    Can mead be refrigerated and frozen?

    Mead should be kept in an alcohol cabinet or Dark storage cupboard. Dark storage conditions are ideal for storing traditional mead. Lack of sunlight can aid in keeping it pure and will not get ruined by light.

    If the bottle is not opened and sealed, it will last for a few years beyond the expiration date. When properly stored in the pantry, a bottle not opened is not oxidized and will retain its taste. The dark and coolness in the pantry will keep the bottle in a top state of preservation.


    How Much Time Does Mead last outside?

    A bottle of mead opened and stored in the pantry could last up to six months. When the open mead is exposed to air, it turns brown and goes bad much faster. When you store the mead that has been opened in a pantry, be sure you’ve secured the bottle’s seal as tightly as possible to stop the mead from becoming oxidized.

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