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Can fermentation create methanol?


    The question is: Can fermentation create methanol?

    Pectin is the ingredient in the wort. The growth process generates Methanol. The worry about Methanol production in brewing beers is not without merit. Some sources introduce enzymes or grains into the mixing or the brewing procedure, which could result in minimal levels of Methanol production.

    The amount of alcohol produced is so tiny that it can be easily left unnoticed. Brewers have known about this for long periods and have employed different techniques to regulate the introduction of fermentable sugars and enzymes into their beer without the concern of producing methanol.

    Methanol can also be added to ale fermentation by using the enzyme pectinase when making wine from fruit to reduce pectin and make it more palatable for the yeast to digest. Pectinase breaks down the pectin sugar, a complex sugar found in fruit, such as apples, to liberate the additional nutrients yeast requires to ferment.

    It is essential to know that this enzyme doesn’t generate any methanol during its course of action; instead, it helps yeast break down pectin so that they don’t have to spend as much to digest it. Therefore, this enzyme process doesn’t generate appreciable amounts of methanol when fermented.


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