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Are you able to get poisoning with methanol through homebrew?


    The question is: Are you able to get poisoning with methanol through homebrew?

    There is no possibility of methanol poisoning from home brewed beer. The quantity of methanol generated during the fermentation process is so minimal that it can be effectively avoided.

    Methanol arises as an outcome of specific fermentation procedures followed when brewing beer at home. In 2001 the FDA announced a recall on over 100 different brands of beer as they contained higher levels of methanol than permitted by law.

    Since then there has been progress in the brewing industry to reduce or eliminate the production of methanol altogether. Brewers now employ yeast strains less prone to producing significant amounts of methanol and exercise caution while introducing grain or enzymes into their brews.

    If you engage in home brewing activities it might be worth considering buying test kits to determine your beers exact fermentation process.

    For instance if you observe unusually rapid fermentation (within two weeks) or lower alcohol content than anticipated for your particular type of brew (below six percent) give yourself a well deserved pat on the back — chances are you have successfully crafted a beer with a low likelihood of containing excessive methanol.


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