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Are you able to get poisoning with methanol through homebrew?

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The question is: Are you able to get poisoning with methanol through homebrew?

There is no way to be poisoned by methanol from home brewing. This is because the amount of Methanol produced by the process of fermentation is so tiny that it can be avoided.

Methanol is the result of specific processes of fermentation. In 2001 the FDA issued an FDA recall of over 100 different beer brands because methanol levels were higher than what is permitted by the law.

Since 2001, there’s been an evolution in the brewing industry to lessen or eliminate methanol production. This means that certain yeast strains are less likely to produce methanol, and brewers must be careful not to add grain or enzymes into their beer.

If you are brewing your beer, you may be interested in purchasing test kits and attempting to determine the fermentation method your beer uses.

For instance, if you notice that your beer is fermenting faster than expected (in less than 2 weeks) or you notice that it’s producing lower levels of alcohol than it is for the type of beer being made (less than 6 percent), You should pat your self on your back — you may be making one that is at a lower probability of producing large amounts of Methanol!


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