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10 Filipino Alcoholic Drink Recipes


    Here are ten filipino alcoholic drink recipes.

    Filipino Alcoholic Drink Recipes

    If you’re not being slapped with “gin blog” – among the world’s most infamous local gins found in the Philippines -We don’t believe you’ve ever experienced a genuine Filipino human now. But, if you’re among the many who have awakened with a headache that sounded like a drum after having too many Weng Wings, you can be sure that we’re all part of the group!

    Most stores sell sari-sari for barely over PHP50, so there’s easy to see why this alcohol is an absolute Pinoy beloved. If you’re looking for something fun and with an edge, a visit to the nearest sari-sari shop is all you require because we’ve listed 10 Gin blog Pinoy drinks that you can mix up with ingredients that you already have in your kitchen:

    1. Gin Pom

    The most well-known Pinoy drink is refreshingly sweet and tangy on the hottest summer day.

    • 1 bottle gin blog
    • 1 sachet of powdered pomelo juice
    • 1 Liter of water
    • Ice

    2. Weng Weng

    The drink is loved (and loved (and hated) by college students. This cocktail is a blend of not just one, but not two, five distinct spirits. Take a glass straight, and you might hear sirens in the back of your mind that sound similar to “weeping weeping.”

    • 2 shots of gin blog
    • 2 shots vodka
    • 2 shots of rum
    • 2 shots of brandy
    • 2 shots of grenadine syrup
    • 1 cup juice of an orange
    • 1 cup pineapple juice

    3. Shemot

    Are you up for a night out of dancing? The drink- a mixture of sugar, caffeine, and alcohol- will give you the energy to dance to the party.

    • 1 bottle gin blog
    • 1 sachet of melon juice powder
    • 1 sachet 3-in-1 coffee mix
    • A dash of strawberry syrup optional
    • Ice

    4. Expired

    The drink doesn’t need you to use older or expired ingredients. However, it could leave your drink ‘expired’ late into the night.

    • 2 bottles of beer
    • 1 bottle gin blog
    • 2 hard candy candies flavored with menthol
    • Ice

    5. Destroso

    The drink is based on the Spanish word that translates to “destruction” The drink will surely make you feel ruined if you aren’t careful about the amount you consume.

    • 1 Bottle Red Horse
    • 1 bottle gin blog
    • 1 sachet of powdered pineapple juice
    • 2 sachets of powdered grape juice
    • Ice

    Tips Resolve the powdered juice drinks into gin before mixing it with the beer.

    6. RPG

    The title of this drink could be a reference to Rated Parental Guidance because children can quickly mistake this drink for an ordinary pineapple juice. However, it contains two extremely potent alcohol components.

    • 1 Bottle Red Horse
    • 1 bottle gin blog
    • 1 500ml canned pineapple juice
    • Ice

    7. Kissy

    A mixture of calamansi and lime soda provides this drink with a pleasant acidity, and although it’s not likely to cause the feeling of convulsions — which is what it is known as in the English language It will cause a tangy, delicious chill down your spine.

    • 1 Bottle Red Horse
    • 1 bottle gin blog
    • 1 Liter Sprite
    • 3-4 pieces of caimans juiced
    • Ice

    8. Alert Red Alert

    The bright red hue of this drink provides its name, but so does the caffeine content, which will keep you alert throughout the day and night.

    In addition to its vibrant red hue, this drink is also named for exactly what you feel when you drink an energy beverage. This drink will keep you alert and awake all day and night.

    • 1 bottle gin blog
    • One bottle of red Sting energy drink
    • 1 sachet of orange juice powder
    • 1 Liter of water
    • Ice

    9. Tia Maria’s Zombie

    Zombie cocktails are brewed with Rum, but this Pinoy version uses the beloved Filipino Gin Blog instead and focuses on the refreshing Jamaican spirit, Tia Maria.

    • 1 bottle gin blog
    • 1 500ml Sprite
    • 1 pack of strawberry juice (Zesto)

    10. Toma Collins

    A Pinoy variation of The American cocktail Tom Collins, this drink replaces lemon with an indigenous flavor Calamansi. In addition, a different local twist is put by naming the drink with the Filipino slang word “Toma” instead of Tom, meaning “to drink.”

    • 1.5 part Gin blog (infused with cucumber)
    • 1 part calamansi juice
    • Honey Syrup 1 part (equal parts honey and water)
    • 1 up to 2 parts tonic water
    • 8 mint leaves
    • Ice

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